Yeguadas de Castilla

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Horsebreeding San Juan de Alberche

Excellent  morphology, movement and good natured PRE. ...

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Horsebreeding Uriol Peralta

Excellent mares, stallions for breeding important horses,  beautiful and funtional with very good character.

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Qualified Horses

Great origins to obtain excellent products....

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Horsebreeding El Chopo

  We seek beauty and functionality above all regardless of coat....

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Stallions Used

The stallions of the Stud

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Our Mares

Some of our mares           

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Our stockbreeding colts

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Our Future.

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Welcome to Yeguadas de Castilla



Under the name of Yeguadas de Castilla is divided into three stud friends such as stud San Juan de Alberche (Toledo), stud El Chopo (Avila) and stud Uriol Peralta (Toledo) within a radius of 80 km. and ideal environment to Spanish horse breeding.


Three great friends such as Mr. Alberto Arranz, Mr. Carlos Suarez and Mr. Fernando Uriol have joined forces to offer the market a variety production of horses, origins, cloaks, but with a common idea as is the quality, beauty and good character of the animals we raise.


Yeguadas de Castilla is very  gladly to show our animals and deal with your questions and suggestions.


Seriousness is common standard in our stockbreeding for any transaction.


Alberto Arranz , Carlos Suarez, Fernando Uriol

Horses on Sale

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KIMERA XIX Qualified Mare

Contact Details

Our Team

The three owners who have joined Brands
under the name Yeguadas de Castilla


Veterinary team of Yeguadas de Castilla.
An important point in the quality of our horses is your health, so we have the specilized care Avilequus. Over the years we shared as professionals great passion for horses and thar same passions has led us to be friends in this world of horses.

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